Self-Compassion: What, Why & How

“Compassion is the master emotion of positive change” - Jack Morin

In this class, I’ll draw on my experience both as a therapist and a meditation practitioner as we explore what self-compassion is, why it benefits both ourselves and others, and how to cultivate it.

We’ll look at the ways in which practicing meditation can help to build self-compassion and how, in turn, self-compassion supports a meditation practice.

I’ll introduce some tools for practice, and there will be space for participants who feel comfortable to exhange experiences and share their self-compassion strategies.

No meditation experience necessary!

  • When: Wednesday, August 9th | 19:00 - 21:30
  • Where: Tutgut, Stubbenkammer Straße 3, Berlin 10437
  • Cost: 20€ (sliding scale options available from 10-19€, based on ability to pay)
  • Participate:

    Email contactkittymay@gmail.com to reserve a place